Conference table boobs have always been a factor for full-busted women, but now we have video boobs to contend with, too. For some reason, this is more of an issue for me with Teams because Zoom cuts me off just below my clavicle. However, if I stand up or reach forward without turning off the video, my chest takes center stage.

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while, but this screen shot from an actual Teams meeting (below) is what finally got me to write about it. I was feeling pretty smart and pulled together when I slipped on my DD Atelier Samantha dress that morning. Even now I like how I look, but I also look a lot bustier than I realized when I logged on for the meeting.

I’ve come up with two reasons that a large chest looks more prominent on video calls. Do you have more reasons to contribute in the comments?

  1. Whatever is closest to the camera appears larger. I learned this from Alyssa Peek in one of her Virtual Presence sessions–if you’re looking for help with your own Zoom presence, I highly recommend a session with Alyssa for just $47 for Hourglassy readers (regularly $97). This isn’t an affiliate link. I just want to share an amazing resource with you. Below you can see the effect of proximity to camera to size.

2. We don’t have our bottom half to balance things out. Of course, this is also true when we’re sitting at conference tables. When my visible body ends at the the bottom of my chest, I simply look more buxom. With videos, everything is also concentrated into a small window–we don’t have the rest of the room around us to dilute the focus.


1. Create a vertical color block with a blazer.

During the meeting, I pulled on this charcoal blazer that happened to be nearby, and it immediately minimized my boob-centricity. Personally, I prefer the buttoned look on the right because it doesn’t splay open AND it creates a flattering V that ends at the bottom of the frame.

Bonus Strategy: The padded and squared shoulders draw the eye up from my chest and add a power marker.

2. Blend in with black.

This black top doesn’t blend in at all against the light background, but you can’t even find my big boobs in this screen shot because I’m wearing elbow-length sleeves that blend in with my chest. Since dark shades are notorious for their minimizing effect, even if I were wearing short or no sleeves I would expect my chest to look smaller than if I were wearing white or bright colors.

Bonus Strategy: Skin is good. The deep neckline keeps my chest from being part of an uninterrupted mound of fabric. I also love how the black color and the scoop neckline frame my face and make it the center of attention.

3. Have fun with a print.

Prints can help disperse attention. Some are better than others, and you have to be careful with placement, but I’m liking this cheetah print.

Bonus Strategy: My visible body may end at my desk, but continuing the color of my hair in my blouse actually elongates me.

4 Break it up with a necklace.

I simply wanted to wear red on the day that I took the photos below. I didn’t care that it wasn’t my most flattering tee shirt until I realized what an expanse of fabric the high boatneck and elbow-length sleeves created. Usually elbow-length sleeves are my friend, but when there isn’t any skin visible past the elbow, I might as well be wearing long sleeves.

If you can’t break things up with skin, go with an accessory. In this case, I was changing from the necklace to dangly earrings in front of my friend on the other end of the Zoom call. She told me that the necklace looked better, and I had to agree.

Finally, it ALWAYS helps to wear a good bra. Bralettes can be a nice break, but personally I feel more “together” when I’m wearing underwires, even when working from home. In these photos, I’m wearing my Freya Idol in 32FF under the teal Samantha dress and my seamed Fantasie Fusion in 32GG under everything else. I’ve linked to these bras on the Levana Bratique website because I want to support a great bra fitter more than I want a commission from a giant online retailer. However, it’s turned out to be a win-win because Judy will give you 5% off any purchase with code “Hourglassy”, and our blog will get a little something as well.