I am so grateful to be healthy here in New York City, and I hope that everyone reading this is also doing well.

You haven’t heard from me for a long time because a LOT has been going on behind the scenes. Pre-pandemic, the biggest change was that I started a new job on February 19.

First-day-of-work selfie.

Stores were still open back then, and I had been eyeing Bravissimo’s 3/4 sleeve Leila dress for a long time. I needed something to wear for my new headshot, so my friend Christina put this look together for me with a silk blouse I found at a Florida Goodwill for $4, my H&M necklace, and the same Ally shoes that I wore for my job interview (affiliate link–you can also get $40 off when you use code DC40).

In the end, I returned the dress because the size 8 felt too clingy, and even the size 10 emphasized my tummy. Such a bummer because I LOVE this style of dress. I also purchased but returned the textured jersey blazer because it flares out at the hips when unbuttoned–something I hadn’t noticed when we featured it in the fall.

Here’s the look I ended up with instead.

Needless to say, my re-entry to office life has meant revisiting my work wardrobe, and I’ve figured out a sort of uniform that I’ll write about more in the future. But no sooner had I figured that out than it was time to work from home again!

This time around, even my WFH wardrobe isn’t the same-old same-old for two reasons: (1) twice-daily video calls with my colleagues; and (2) my stylist friend Elysha Lenkin’s 30-day-shop-your-closet challenge that has been motivating me to try new things. You’re welcome to join even though we’re on Day 21.

Speaking of same-old same-old, it feels good to be back on the blog. I think that all the uncertainty and change has me yearning for both familiarity and escape. There are a lot of serious things going on–even before the virus hit, many of us were dealing with difficult challenges. Scrolling through photos of pretty lacy bras for bigger busts sounds like a nice break right now, doesn’t it? We’ll get those Curve roundups up soon!

There are also going to be a few changes . . . you’ve already noticed that our content is less regular, and that’s how we need to manage things right now. Another change is that we’re going to set up an email subscription form very soon, and some of our content will only be available to subscribers–for free. There are things we want to be able to share with you by email, and we promise not to spam you.