ThredUp Bravissimo Items on eBay

I haven’t bought much on ThredUp, mostly because they charge a shipping fee ($5.99 for orders under $79), return postage (free if you accept store credit, $8.99 otherwise) and a restocking fee ($1.99) and I think their prices are high for used clothing. However, they do sell Bravissimo for ridiculously low prices. Unfortunately, the sizing is never complete as ThredUp only lists the number size and not the curvy size. Which means it’s a gamble on if the Bravissimo item you order will actually fit and who wants to pay return shipping and a restocking fee for an item that wasn’t listed properly in the first place?

But if you use my ThredUp eBay hack all of these fees go away! In one of my many Bravissimo eBay searches I noticed that ThredUp appeared to be selling on eBay. I clicked on the clothing link and saw that shipping was free AND return shipping was free. Which means that we can now order Bravissimo from ThredUp without paying any of the fees if it ends up being the wrong curvy size! I haven’t tried this yet. I tend to scroll though the Bravissimo in my size on eBay at least once a week and I will update you if I end up buying any of ThredUp’s Bravissimo items.

The easiest way to find ThredUp’s Bravissimo clothing is to go to the ThredUp store on eBay (link here) and type in Bravissimo and voila! You can also search for other bust friendly brands like Lauren Ralph Lauren too (although Macy’s and the Ralph Lauren website generally both have amazing sales on Lauren dresses for only $10 to $15 more than ThredUp charges)! ThredUp tends to have a lot of promotions for a percentage off which aren’t always reflected in the eBay price but given the probability that the item won’t be the right curvy size it’s worth it to miss out on 30% off to avoid the shipping and restocking fees.

At the beginning of this post are the ThredUp Bravissimo items currently on eBay and below are the Bravissimo items for sale on the ThredUp website.

Bravissimo for sale on ThredUp

Let me know if any of you score any cheap Bravissimo with this hack!

*Note that the ThredUp link is a referral link which I don’t expect any of you to use since I am giving you this amazing hack but hey if you do use and don’t have an account and buy something we both get $10 in ThredUp credit. But seriously don’t buy from the ThredUp site buy from eBay!