My sister found a bust friendly party dress on Amazon last summer when shopping for something to wear for our cousin’s wedding.

She liked the dress she found so much that she bought three more! These pictures are from Labor Day but both of these vintage style dresses are still available on Amazon in many colors and both are under $33!

From what I can tell from hacking my sister’s Amazon account, the music note dress is from Gowntown (in size XXL) as is the lighter blue dress (XL) and the royal blue dress (XXL). This dress sells for $32.99 and comes in sizes XS-XXL.

The yellow dress is from Bbonline and is a 2XL. This brand has sizes from XS-5XL and all of the dress options are under $30. This brand fits me tighter than Gowntown and has less coverage in the underarm area.

For sizing reference, I’m 5-7 and measure 47-38-45.5 and my sister is 5’5 and measures 45-38-42.

For the holidays why not buy this budget full bust friendly dress in red or green?