I did not give the Claudia Velvet Dress a second thought when I saw it online, in the Bravissimo magazine, or on the rack at the Bravissimo store. But Darlene suggested I try it on because she thought it would look great on me – and I am glad I did. I ended up purchasing this dress.

I first tried the black dress on in my normal size – US 8 Really/Super Curvy – and it was too big. Luckily, since I was at the store I was able to try it in the next dress size down (US 6 RSC) and it fits perfectly. The shift dress with bell sleeves hung nicely from my shoulders and across my 32J (UK) chest. Unlike most shift dresses, the Claudia has a defined waist and I don’t look like I am wearing a tent. The dress fell right above the knees on my 5’3” frame, though I have relatively long legs compared to my torso. The cleavage could be a little revealing for a family party, but if you are concerned, I would consider pairing it with a statement necklace to draw attention up toward the face. 

I am so happy that Darlene suggested that I try on the dress and that I was able to try multiple sizes at the Bravissimo store. If you are unable to make it to their shop, I would recommend ordering the dress in multiple sizes – and luckily in the US they have free returns!