We’re meeting at Bravissimo’s Soho store tomorrow at 2:00 to try on their coats and write about them for our November Full Bust Feature. If you’re in the area, come join us for the fun! If you can’t make it, why don’t you tell us which coats/jackets you’re especially interested in seeing on us? And what questions would you like us to answer about them?

Here are the one coat and four jackets that the Soho store stocks:

Longline padded coat in deep green
Faux suede biker jacket in black
Denim jacket
Padded jacket in cream
Textured blazer in navy

Bravissimo is currently having a 20% sale on all coats and jackets that ends before we can even begin to write about them. Jen purchased the textured blazer on sale last weekend, and you can see her wearing it in today’s IG post.