Are your ears burning? They should be because whenever the Hourglassy team gets together, we’re always talking about you–as in:

  • I wonder if our readers are interested in X?
  • Do you think our readers care about Y?
  • Should we keep writing about Z?
Camille’s ears aren’t burning. 🙂 She’s just changing her earrings for our shoot of the Alice Fawke Lucy dress that we’re featuring later this month!

Instead of wondering, we’re asking you what you think directly. WOULD YOU PLEASE ANSWER OUR 10-QUESTION SURVEY? To entice you, three lucky survey respondents will win an amazing set from Evelyn & Bobbie.

What’s so special about Evelyn & Bobbie? Well, I was fully prepared to walk past the Evelyn & Bobbie booth at Curve in August until I noticed the extra reinforcement built into the fabric where a bra sling would usually be. Before I knew it, I was changing into their sample size M in the bathroom and going up to everyone I knew at the show asking, “Can you believe I’m wearing a wireless bra? This is an Evelyn & Bobbie bra!”

I didn’t want to give it back, but it was their only sample. They’re sending me another one later this month, so look for an in-depth review with photographs soon. In the meantime, you have a chance to win your own by completing our survey. And everyone has a chance to win their own Evelyn & Bobbie discount code. Caveat: Because of shipping costs, sets will only be shipped to addresses in the United States or Canada.

Our survey is open until midnight New York time on November 5. The three Evelyn & Bobbie set winners will be selected by a randomized drawing and notified by email.