Since I’m always in search of the perfect dress I decided to try a store that I haven’t shopped at in a while – Kohl’s. I tried on five dresses and found one perfect one to recommend here on Hourglassy. One thing that intrigues me about Kohl’s is the LC Lauren Conrad collection. I’m not going to lie and pretend that I never watched MTV’s The Hills because I loved that show. Lauren Conrad the star of the series has a lot of cute designs at a great price point in her collection at Kohl’s and I admire a business woman who chooses to design and endorse products that are affordable.The Pleated Midi Dress has an elastic waist with a sash. I am wearing the XXL and this dress hits me below my knees. It is available in six prints. For ladies who are more petite than me this dress is available in a shorter version without the ruffle. I think the chambray dress in the short version is super cute. Currently this dress is only $31.44! Kohl’s is definitely a store where you never need to pay the full price.I am not keeping this dress as I prefer solid colors and it’s not quite my style. But it’s still a beautiful feminine dress for spring and summer. The elastic gathered waist provides the waist definition that us busty ladies need and the pleats in the neck give extra fullness in the bodice. However, the armpit is lower cut and might show a hint of bra.Please note that while Kohl’s is easy to shop online they don’t have the easiest return process. The customer has to pay for return shipping. No return form is enclosed in the delivery and returns by mail are done by you the customer printing out your order from your online account and printing a return form that has to be filled out by hand. If you choose to return in the store you need to find the customer service desk as returns are not accepted by the cashiers. I journeyed across the river to New Jersey to do my returns and then remembered that malls on weekends are full of hordes of teenagers…In these photos my measurements are 49-38-44.5 and I’m 5’7. Please don’t bash me for my choice in reality television programming – but have any of you had success at Kohl’s or with the LC Lauren Conrad collection?