Here’s what captured my attention in each brand. We have a lot to look forward to! (I’ve included affiliate links for styles that have already come out.)


Florri (January)

This underwire bralette goes up to a G cup in bands 28-36 (and up to FF in 38).

(Did I miss something–if a bralette has an underwire is it still a bralette? Must ask at Curve next month!)

As you can see from the back, it’s an interesting faux longline.

Love Note in Rose (February)

There’s already a high-apex bra out in this line that has a neat stretch outer cup and goes to an H cup (in Slate on Figleaves), which this underwire bralette doesn’t have.

Goes up to a G cup in 28-36 bands (and FF in 38).
Another pretty faux longline.

Arya (April)

This is coming out in two colors: Lunar and Blossom. You can see more pics on the Lion’s Lair FB page.

I love the minimalism with the sheer top panel.

Soiree Lace

I’m not sure when this color is coming out, but the Soiree Lace is already available in black, white, coral and rouge. Like the Love Note’s stretch outer cup, this bra has a neat patterned lace overlay. And yes, there’s also an underwired bralette.

Cameo (March)

This is a brand new style with a fresh stripe design in–yet again–a clever stretch outer cup. It also comes in a Deco molded plunge and a Deco strapless.

Daisy Lace in White (February)

This sweet everyday bra is already available in black and blush. You can read a mini-review in Sweet Nothings’ recent rave on IG.

This balcony bra goes to a K cup in 30-36 bands (to a J in 28 and 38).

Freya Limelight (May)

How I wish I had anything in my notes to share with you about this bra!

Freya Deco in Jasmine Meadow (April)

Starlight (January?)

With its side support, the Starlight is replacing the Hero.


Charley (February)

Don’t you love the Ballet Pink? This bralette goes to an HH in 34-38 and H in 40. It also has a J-hook in back.

Sachi in Leopard and burgundy (December)

Energise now in Navy-Geo (came out in November)


Also available in Coral Haze, but I don’t have the date in my notes!


Memoir  (February)

This is a brand new style that looks seamless under tees and has a rounded shape. It goes to HH in navy and beige.

Arianne (January)

Estelle in Powder Blue (January)

Going up to HH, the Estelle is replacing the Elodie–“less bullet-y”.

Carla (February)

Camilla (May)

Angelina (March)

Annalise (December)

Bronte in Ivory (January)

I haven’t been able to find the bridal long line online yet, but here it is in black. There’s also a new molded strapless up to a GG in 30-36.


I didn’t see this chemise at Curve, but I’m loving it on the Figleaves website.

Illusion (March)

This is an updated version of the full-cup Fusion, which I’ve been told I must try. It goes to a J in 30-38 bands.







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