I’ve been thinking a lot lately about if I want to continue having a minimalist wardrobe (I wrote about my summer capsule wardrobe here). One of the main tenants of a capsule wardrobe is only having clothes in your closet and dresser that actually fit you. Once I cleared out all of the ill-fitting clothing several years ago I was left with a lean closet and finding business casual (non-jean clothing) for work was a constant struggle…until I discovered Bravissimo. Which makes me wonder was I an accidental minimalist? Did I only have such a small wardrobe because I didn’t know where to buy clothes that would flatter my body?

A big thing in the minimalist world is counting the number of items you own. Two of the bloggers I follow actually do this with their wardrobes: Gold Zipper and Paris To Go. Gold Zipper’s video on analyzing her wardrobe is fascinating. This video got me thinking – what percentage of my wardrobe is made by a bust friendly brand?

Currently, I only have two bust friendly brands in my closet: Bravissimo/Pepperberry and Urkye. However, not counting bottoms these two brands account for 52% of my wardrobe!

I learned two things in this experiment: I have more clothing than I thought I did (56 items!) and a much higher percentage of it is bust friendly than I thought. My goal for 2019 is to branch out and support other bust friendly brands. Do you have any favorites you would like to see me try out? And do you think I own too much or too little clothing?