Here’s a side benefit from selling my shirts at pop ups: I get to see what other full-busted women are wearing. This woman measures 32″ at the waist and 41″ at the bust, and her jacket actually buttons! Usually when I ask someone where they got something, they bought it years ago, but she’d just ordered her Stargazing Splendor blazer from Modcloth two weeks earlier.    The next day, I ordered my own–or actually two because I’ve never tried anything from ModCloth before. According to their size chart, I should wear the XL, but I added the L to be safe. It’s a good thing because the XL felt too generous, and the L felt just right. (I give the actual waist and bust measurements of each size at the bottom of this post.)

I loved it buttoned on my customer, but I prefer it open on me.

I also prefer my profile with it open . . .

vs. buttoned.

Finally, here’s the cute flouncy back. You can also see the pointy shoulders that some reviewers complain about, but they don’t bother me and I think they can help balance a big bust. Actually, I think they only look pointy when I move my arms a certain way.

This jacket has princess seams in front and in back, another win for busty women. I’m also surprised at the versatility of the colors–I thought I’d only be able to match it with black! And for anyone needing a black blazer, it also comes in “abyss”.

I measured the outside of the garments because the lining (which is stretchy and soft vs. acetate-y and sweat-trapping) made it difficult to line up with the seams. Across the peplum waist, the L measured 36″ and the XL measured 39.75″. One inch below the armholes and to  the crease of the lapels, the L bust measured 41″ and the XL bust measured 45″.