I’ve had success with two knit sheath dresses from White House Black Market (WHBM) in the past. Both were purchased off the sales rack in stores for around $50. For my fall capsule wardrobe, my goal was to find one more additional dress. I ordered six knit dresses from WHBM and found two great ones to keep. One dress for work and one summer dress on sale that will work year-round for going out.

These first pics are my past dresses from WHBM that inspired this wardrobe haul. The multi-colored stripe one is me in early 2015 and the navy dress is me from this summer. These dresses are definitely bust friendly without being made specifically for a larger chest. The dresses are tighter on my upper back than a dress from Bravissimo or Urkye and do have a bit of extra fabric in the small of my back maybe from the front of the dress being stretched out? The hem on these dresses does not rise up in the front like so many other dresses do with a larger chest. Overall, knit dresses from this store work for me and hopefully for some of you as well.

I love this cold shoulder dress (sadly it’s already sold out). I got it on sale for $36 and it also comes in a black and white striped version. I wore this on a casual Friday to work and plan on wearing it when I go out on the weekends year-round. I know it will look great with black opaque tights and boots. Definitely a keeper even though I didn’t really need it. It’s made of a thicker knit fabric.

This sheath is reversible from black with a flower print to plain black. Not keeping this – as the armholes are not an attractive look on me. Other than the armholes I like this dress. It’s made of a jersey knit. It’s thick due to the double layer of fabrics so this dress would be great for winter with a blazer.

Next, I tried this black and white flowered dress. It’s not really my style aside from the colors but I thought it looked beautiful on the website. It’s too small and the facing around the neckline is visible. This is not a bust friendly dress. It is made of the jersey knit fabric.

I like this black dress with the cream stripes at the bottom. It fits well and I feel good wearing it. I decided not to keep it as it just didn’t give me a wow factor when I tried it on. But if I was in a situation where I needed work clothes this dress would be a keeper. It’s made of the thicker knit fabric.

This dress looks much cuter on than I thought it would. I accidentally put it on the wrong way which is how I figured out it can be worn with the back of the dress as the front. I’m doubting the designers at WHBM had this in mind, but on a larger chest this reverse takes this dress from the office to cocktail hour. I didn’t plan on keeping this dress at all based on trying it on in my room but after seeing the photos of myself I did contemplate keeping it. I’m very selective about what comes into my wardrobe and lead a minimalist lifestyle and this guided me in not keeping this dress. It’s a beautiful dress and the chain detail with the scoop back is a fun detail in a work dress but I really only needed one new work dress and the last dress I tried on was the winner.

This dress is insanely simple. A black knit sheath dress with short sleeves, a keyhole back and a ruffle along the bottom of the dress. It was the ruffle that sold me on it. And the fact that it reminds me of a Michael Kors dress that I bought this summer at Macy’s and forced myself to return because it was too expensive. The Michael Kors dress was a $135 and this one cost me $63. I also like that the sleeves are longer and the fabric is less clingy. When it gets colder I’m planning to wear an ivory blouse under this dress but it would also look great with a classic white button down under it. I am keeping this dress because I feel good in it and I like the fit. It is made of the thicker knit fabric.

A hint on shopping at WHBM like most mall stores they often have sales where everything is 25% – so no need to pay full price. I like the dresses made of the thicker knit fabric. I checked the tag and the fabric blend is 93% Rayon and 7% Spandex. The jersey knit dresses are a polyester/spandex blend and clingier. Please note that all the dresses I am wearing are a size XL. WHBM also sells petites and plus size clothing. My measurements in these photos are 48.5-40-45 and I am 5’7.

Have any of you had success at White House Black Market?