It’s been great having Jennifer Lynn on board with Hourglassy–so great that I haven’t been getting my own posts up, and I hope you haven’t been too confused.

Leah has also been busy behind the scenes with an exciting career transition. She tells me that she has a lot to write about, but it may be November before she can post anything. So stay tuned!

If you’ve been reading Hourglassy for a long time, you know that we go through periods like this once or twice a year. I’m also always trying to balance the time I spend on my business and this blog. Recently I re-read the book The One Thing, and I’ve been trying to implement it. Whenever I ask myself what the one thing is I should be doing right now (“What is the One thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?“), it always seems to be something related to Campbell & Kate!

However, while I’ve been doing that One thing, I’ve been wearing my new Sugar Candy Crush bra, and I’m going to write about that next.

Wondering what the Adirondack chairs in this picture have to do with anything? My husband has been going through a super stressful time at work lately, constantly being called in the middle of the night and having to work weekends. On top of this, his mom remains in a nursing home in Florida, and he tries to visit her whenever he can. He’s been pulled in a lot of directions, so I’ve finally pulled him away for a mid-week break on Block Island. This was our beautiful rainy view from the hotel porch this afternoon.