My first clue came on Mr. Campbell’s birthday in January when the dress he’d asked me to wear to dinner didn’t get the reaction I expected. “The neckline isn’t as low as I remembered,” he confessed. My second clue came this past Saturday. I’d found a red tee that was a little too clingy but had a plunging neckline and only cost $10. If I treated Valentine’s as a season rather than a single dinner, the cost per wear would be worth it! I slipped it over my Empreinte Irina very plunge and wore it to breakfast, where he complimented . . . my SMILE.

Actually, I shouldn’t have needed any clues. He’d specifically asked for a push up bra ahead of his birthday, but since I’m in the F-G cup range, I never thought I needed one! After breakfast, he showed me this photo on his phone and asked if it was possible to get Meghan McCain’s look. That’s when I knew it was time to get either a very squashy dress or a push up bra. I opted for a push up.

Thanks to Leah’s recent review of The Rack Shack, I knew exactly where to go on Sunday afternoon. I showed owner Laura both photos, and after checking the fit of the bra I’d worn into the store, she brought me the Tutti Rouge Sukki in 32FF. It fit perfectly . . . a little too perfectly.  Laura felt that Meghan McCain’s look resulted from being squeezed into a too-small bra and that a smaller cup size would give me the boost I was going for. She was right.

My larger left breast has some bubbling going on in this 32F, but not so much that there’s an obvious line under my top, and if I settle myself into the cups again, it goes away. The band is super firm, but as I write this post, it’s not uncomfortable at all. (That’s the outline of the tag that I forgot to remove that you see near the band in the photo below.)

The Tutti Rouge Sukki also comes with cage straps. Let’s see if my husband likes these!

I’m sure you have your push up favorites, and I’d love to hear about them in the comments. Here are others that I found during my last-minute search:

  1. When I asked this question on our Instagram page (yes, we have an IG account now! Follow us?!), Judy of Levana Bratique recommended the Ewa Michalak Pearl.
  2. The Unleashed is one of my Scantilly favorites, so I was super excited to fit the 34F and get the same cakes-on-a-plate effect when Laura brought this to me at The Rack Shack. However, on my short torso, the little belt detail tends to fold up instead of lie flat.
  3. Finally, I recently learned that Rigby & Peller is one of the few stores in the United States to carry Aubade’s comfort half cups, so I stopped by to try the gorgeous Allee des Plaisirs in 32G yesterday.

The cups were pretty bubbly, so a 34G would probably be better for me in the comfort half cup, but a 32G in Aubade’s comfort full cup usually fits me just right. You can find the Allee des Plaisirs comfort full cup on Amazon.

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