At this week’s Autumn/Winter 2018 Curve Expo, I was surprised that several brands we’ve covered at previous shows weren’t in attendance this time. However, this gave me the opportunity to narrow down my focus, which can be a boon as well.

To that end, this week I’ll show you my favorite new items from Panache and Eveden, and in my next post I’ll discuss Curvy Kate and new (to me) Adina Reay (I’m really excited about Adina Reay, by the way! Check out our Instagram for a little preview).

The big news with Panache this season is that Sculptresse has really come into its own. There are more basics, more sophistication, and fewer junior prints.

Clockwise from left: Sculptresse’s Chi Chi (34-46 band, up to HH cups), Dionne (36-46, up to K), and Candi (34-46, up to HH) offer a more sophisticated color palette than we’ve seen from the brand before.
I love Dionne’s dark floral and sheer upper panels. And it’s great to see brands embracing the cage bra trend in larger sizes.

For classic Panache, I was thrilled to learn that navy blue is being added as a continuity color for a number of styles. I can never have enough navy bras! The brand has also brought back thongs, but with extra attention paid to comfort, including bagged out seams and wider fabric at the waistband.

There were also several swim pieces I liked, though I’m still upset about the brand’s decision to discontinue Cleo Swim. The reps keep assuring me that they’re maintaining Cleo’s youthful ethos in some of the swim pieces, but I honestly don’t see it. Everything is quite sophisticated and there are no bright colors.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from Panache, Cleo, Sport, and Swim:

After trying my first Jasmine bra (28-38, up to K) and absolutely loving it, I’m thrilled that Panache is offering more prints for this former basic.
How gorgeous is this new Arla bra (30-38 D-G)? I’m also a massive fan of center-pull straps like these.
The new Sophia bra from Cleo (28-38, up to J) features a leopard lace overlay for a crop top look.
Sophia’s interior structure.
Love Cleo’s new bralette (28-38 D-H). That wide band looks supremely comfy.
My top pick from Cleo: The Spencer bra (28-38, up to H) in gorgeous new silver fishscale. Also, even though it looks like a longline from the front, it has only three hooks and a slightly scooping back.
In Panache Sport, the non-wired sports bra (28-40, up to H) now features a wider band for better anchorage.
As usual, I love both wired sports bra colorways (28-40, up to J).
And check out the new mesh overlay on the wired sports bra. It doesn’t change the breathability since the layer beneath is still the same, but it means more of the color peeks through.
In Swim, the Anya Cruise molded bikini (30-40, up to H) has a genius design in back…
You can wear Anya Cruise as a tied halter, or pass it through two little loops to make it into regular straps!
A closeup of Anya Cruise’s back loops.
My favorite swim style is the gold, red, and black striped Summer set. I love the combination of diagonal and horizontal stripes on the high-waisted bottoms and the black piping throughout the pieces. Also, the gold is very sparkly in real life! Both the non-wired triangle bikini (left) and molded underwire halter are sized 30-38 D-G.


Next up is the Eveden family of Freya, Fantasie, Elomi, and Goddess. Normally I focus strictly on Freya and Fantasie, but this season there was a lot more from Elomi and Goddess that caught my eye.

The Elomi Bijou Flirt is super cute in a reddish orange with hot pink accents and strapping detail.
Fabulous adjustable double-straps in back.
Love the black and purple lace Elomi Charlie longline. The stretch lace band looks really comfy, and the model told us it didn’t ride up on her at all.
The print of red flowers on black for the Elomi Soraya is a great elevation from the previous season’s ugly pink and purple floral version.
I’m also loving the solid red Sachi (which is the same exact cut as the Soraya).
My top pick for all of Eveden is the Elomi Tori bra with removable flower cage piece. The sheer panels with black piping is also ultra-sexy.
Speaking of cage bras, check out the new ones from Freya! Molded Deco on left (28-36, up to GG), plunge balcony on right (28-38, up to H).
The new Fancies colors­—Lipstick, Olive, and Sherbet.
Very excited for the smoky leopard print Wilder” strapless longline (28-38, up to GG), which is the same frame as the Pinup bustier I raved about a few months ago.
From Fantasie Swim, I’m a big fan of this warm orange hue (called “grenadine”) in the classic underwire gathered full cup bikini (30-40, up to H).
Among Freya’s swim offerings, I LOVE this bold gingham, especially the “tropical punch” neon coral color. Off-the-shoulder Bardot bandeau (left) is 3-36, up to G. Ruffled high-apex underwire bikini is 28-38, up to J.