I recently had an amazing encounter with an Hourglassy reader. She contacted me through Bratabase’s messaging system to introduce me to a brand called Grass Fields. Georgina of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust had just reviewed two pieces from this company, and the reader liked the designs so much that she ordered a jumpsuit for herself.

The suit didn’t fit the reader, but instead of returning it, she offered to send it to me if I promised to review it. She said she really admired the company’s back story of pulling themselves out of abject poverty in Cameroon through this business (read more on their blog), and that she thought it could benefit the brand to get another review out there in a different size. After looking at the Grass Fields website and reading their astonishing story, I was eager to accept!

Sadly, the jumpsuit is not flattering on me. At all. And the size chart does not look boob-friendly either. But the fabric is so amazing and the story so inspiring that I still want to share the positive aspects of the garment even while presenting a negative review.

The anonymous Hourglassy fan had told me that the jumpsuit had a too-long torso and too-wide hips for her, so it sounded perfect for me. But unfortunately, the stiffness of the waxed cotton made everything look boxy, and did my ass no favors. Additionally, the faux-wrap top is simultaneously blousy yet not voluminous enough across the chest for bigger boobs.

This jumpsuit is a size US small/UK 10. I measure 37”-29”-41”, height 5’6”, and bra 28G – 30G (UK) depending on brand.

Here, it’s worn completely plain:



I think my figure is completely lost, and the front bust panels were flaring wide open.




Then I tried it with a black stretchy belt and a safety pin to hold the front closed, but I still don’t think it improved my figure at all. Everything looks square.





So…yeah. I don’t really have anything good to say about the fit. And the size chart lists a medium as waist 28” – 30.5” with a bust of only 34.5” – 36”. So I need a medium for waist and a large for bust. I can even fit a small for the waist with pieces that have elastic at the waist (like this jumpsuit in small), but obviously that’s not gonna work with my boobs.

However, despite this jumpsuit not suiting me, I would still love to try more items. The short dresses and skirts are so damn cute!

Just look at this lavender dream! (Unfortunately, it’s not actually listed in the dresses section. But Grass Fields just reopened their site after the holidays, so I’m hoping it’s coming soon.)


And check out this gorgeous teal number:

cabala dress_1024x1024

If you still want to avoid the possibility of the bust not fitting, well then take a gander at the absolutely stunning skirts. Just imagine this beauty with one of Darlene’s Campbell & Kate button-up blouses:


Now, as for the positive comments about the jumpsuit. Well, the fabric is simply stunning. It’s even brighter and more vibrant in real life than it looks in the photos, a lively floral and leaf-print in gorgeous orchid-purple over a blend of dark navy and black, with splashes of an ocean-esque teal green mixed in.

It’s 100% waxed cotton, so it holds its shape amazingly well. That’s not great for blouson tops, but it’s perfect for voluminous skirts without needing a petticoat to maintain volume.

I love the fabric so much that I’m planning on taking apart the jumpsuit and sewing it into something else. I’m thinking I’ll do a skirt and top combo. Maybe a crop top and high-waisted pencil skirt so there’s just a sliver of ribcage skin visible. It shouldn’t be too hard to edit the wrap top into something more bust-friendly—just a dart under the bust, and perhaps removing the sleeves to use as strips to tie the wrap in back. And I think the stiffness of the fabric would lend itself beautifully to a structured pencil skirt.

I’m also dying for one of the midi skirts like the red and pink “Palle” model I posted above. At $41 –$45, they’re affordable enough that I could even pick up more than one!