If “crinkle pleated fabric” brings to mind a shapeless jacket from Chico’s, bear with me. The other day a neighbor gave away some clothes, and I found this blazer in her pile.


The neighbor is very slender, and the jacket looked small even though the tag said medium. The only way I could see it fitting was if the crinkle pleated fabric expanded over my chest. I brought it home to try, and my theory proved correct!


There are no buttons and no darts, so I was concerned that my side profile would look voluminous around the waist, but I was pleasantly surprised.



The front panels sometimes fall to either side of my chest when I’m not holding them closed. One solution is a brooch. In this case, I’m using an old earring. Perhaps a more secure pin wouldn’t pull as much, but if it did, I’d be inclined to add a decorative hook and eye just along the edge of each side panel.


This is the first tailored jacket I’ve ever seen in crinkle pleated fabric, and unfortunately, this specific style is no longer available on the company’s website.  It’s worth taking a look at the other styles offered by the company, however, and to keep an open mind to crinkle pleated garments in the future. I know I will!

P.S. I’m thinking this Veeca Cap Sleeve Leafy Illusion Dress could be a nice wedding guest option. According to the company’s size chart, I should barely fit a size large, but the medium jacket is fine on me. This is especially good news for H+ readers searching for generous stretch at the bust but a fitted look at the waist.