Since writing about bomber jackets for big busts last month, I’ve had the chance to try a few more at Express and NY&Co., and size large has fit best in both brands.

The bomber trend isn’t just about staying warm. This olive jacket from NY&Co. comes in a polyester georgette that makes it feel dressy–hence my trying it with my Bitter Lollipop dress. It’s meh on me, but it might look better on someone with a longer waist. A belt, a chunky metallic necklace, and/or different shoes could also liven things up.


It’s a little better with pants. Overall, though, given all the other cardigan options out there for me, I’d really have to love this look to keep it in my closet. big-bust-cardi-olive-bomber-with-pants

On the other hand, I still adore this lightweight polyester floral bomber jacket. It was only available in Small (top photo) and Extra Large (bottom photo) in the store. Unzipped, the small could work although there’s no stretch to make the armholes more comfortable. The Extra Large is far too generous under the arms and around the waist.

big-bust-cardi-floral-bomber-s-and-xlHave you tried the bomber trend yet?

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