Is ultrasuede around every fall and I just haven’t been paying attention? What an amazing fabric for full busts–especially if it has Spandex in it, like this trench coat from NY&Co.

Here are the features that make it so great for busty women:

  1. It has a fluid hand, so it drapes nicely around the bust and waist without adding any bulk. (You’ll especially understand why that’s important when you see the pleather jacket I show you at the bottom of this post.)
  2. At the same time, it works like a woven so it can give structure. In this coat, I like the strong shoulders. We all know how accommodating knits are to a large chest, but sometimes a busty woman wants a shape that isn’t all curves and softness.

And here’s a feature that makes it wonderful for ALL women: it’s machine-washable! One reviewer on the NY&Co. website said she’d already washed it once with no issues.

Now here is what makes this particular coat attractive to a woman with a large bust: it’s a generous wraparound style with no zippers or buttons to contend with. In fact, it’s so generous that the website’s TrueFit got it all wrong for me. It told me I should wear a large. In the picture below, I’m wearing a medium. In the photo above, I’m wearing a small. By the way, the actual color is more like the photo below.


The only thing that would make this coat better would be a lining that could be added when it gets colder.

Since I was back at NY&Co. this week, I grabbed the faux leather cable jacket that I showed you last week. I still like it a lot, although you can see from the side photo that the size large doesn’t follow the curve of my back like I said it did. Also, I’ve rolled the sleeve hems under to make them the right length on me.



While in the store, I also tried several other jackets without knit side panels to see if they fit as well. They did! However, my general impression was that they felt/looked boxier.

Finally, since I’m on a pleather jacket binge, here is a blush moto-jacket from Belle+Sky at JCP. Yes, it fits, but it makes me look like a giant pink marshmallow, thanks to the very thick material.


I’m learning so much about what to look for in leather/pleather jackets when you’re busty. Besides fit and material, what do you look for?