If you read Leah’s post last Friday, then you’ve already seen the amazing pieces coming from Scantily for FW2016. But neither of us got to see the satin Tuxedo body in person, so I’m going to share this image from the company.

by Tigz Rice Studios 2014. http://www.tigzrice.com

It will retail for around US$60 and is designed for easy putting on and taking off with a sash around the waist and a simple fastener around the neck.

It’s meant to be worn over the Unleash bra that you already saw on Friday (that’s an image of the belted smocktop behind it). The belt buckle, while purely ornamental, actually works!

Scantily Unleash Bra

And here’s another glimpse of the back of the matching brief with, yes, a working belt buckle.

scantilly unleashed briefs

Even though the Tuxedo body is meant to be paired with Unleash, it’s versatile enough to go with other bras. Bravo for Scantilly’s designer for finding yet another way to make full bust support sexy.

And just because I also think the Ignite metallic copper fabric is amazing . . .

Scantilly ignite metallic copper

Here’s another photo of the chartreuse Peek-A-Boo.

Scantilly Peek-A-Boo

Finally, a bra that didn’t make it into Leah’s summary, the sheer-cupped Fixate.

Scatilly Fixate bra