This week I’m reviewing two new long-sleeved tops from Polish big bust brand Urkye. I bought them with my exclusive 30% off coupon that I received at Hourglassy’s Big Bust Clothing Swap last month, plus my 4% returning customer discount, so they only ended up costing about $63 including shipping. Additionally, the shirts were delivered in a mere two weeks! If you like any of them, I’d suggest buying your own right away, because some of the sizes have already sold out.

My measurements are 37” bust and 29” waist, and I bought all these shirts in 38 o/oo. This is the size I always buy from Urkye (unless I want something to fit extra tight or show extra cleavage, in which case I sister-size to 36 oo/ooo). So far, everything I’ve ever ordered in this size has fit consistently.

For those who aren’t familiar with Urkye’s sizing, it works the same as other big bust brands such as the British Pepperberry or Polish BiuBiu—you use your waist measurement to determine the number and your bust measurement to choose from three curvy levels (in Urkye’s case, o, oo, and ooo) for tailored items or two curvy levels (o/oo and oo/ooo) for stretch items. You can find the size chart here, and you can see a list of the Urkye models’ measurements and sizes here, which makes it even easier to figure out the best fit for you.

First up is the Lodka, which Google Translate tells me means “boat.” This makes sense, since it features a boat-neck neckline. It also has two seams up the front and back to give it shaping. It’s a slightly thicker and heavier knit, perfect for fall and winter.

Sometimes the colors on Urkye’s website look quite different from the color of the fabric in real life, and this top is no exception. However, there’s something especially funny going on with this particular photo. The online image looks like a dusty, almost denim blue. But when I saved the photo to my computer, the saved file looked much more teal. In real life, the shirt is teal. Here is a comparison, with a screen shot from the website on the left and the saved photo file on the right:

blue combo

Anyhow, here’s how it looks on me:




I love the seams, as I think they give this plain shirt just a tiny bit of extra interest (as well as creating the excellent fit, of course). I also think the sleeves are the perfect length, reaching just past my wrist, and the perfect level of tightness, just loose enough that they don’t bunch up or feel restrictive. The neckline sits on my shoulders a little funny, so that the trim lifts up and off my body somewhat, but I’ve had this effect with other shirts before too. I think the shirt is simply cut for slightly differently shaped shoulders than mine. It’s a small enough detail that I don’t physically feel it and really don’t care. In fact, I like this shirt so much that I just ordered it in two more colors!

Much to my satisfaction, the Lodka is quite long. With my extra-long torso, this is a rarity indeed. I’m wearing mid-rise jeans here, and to help show the length further, in this photo I’m pointing to my belly button:


Next up is the Veka top, which doesn’t seem to have a translation. It’s a V-neck with princess seams and three-quarter sleeves. I bought it in purple and green. This time, the colors on the website are actually quite accurate, and didn’t change when I saved the image file:



The purple is actually more color-accurate in the manufacturer image than my photo this time:




Though it’s the same 92% cotton, 8% elastane as the Lodka, the Veka is a thinner, smoother material, excellent for layering. I wore it tucked into a high-waisted skirt earlier this week and didn’t feel any extra bulk. The princess seams are, of course, ideal for boobs, and once again the sleeves are not too tight. The fabric does feel a little clingier overall than the Lodka, but I attribute that to its thinner texture. This time, the shoulders sit flush with my body as well.

Finally, another belly button photo for length demonstration (it’s the same length as Lodka), followed by the green top on me, looking slightly more neon in my photos than it is in real life:




Lastly, I just have to point out one more thing that I really love about these tops: They have a substantial waist! Check out these photos, and marvel at how much they flare out at the bottom. I hate it when shirts are super tight across my hips and baggy at the waist, but these tops accommodate my bottom-half curves as well as my top half. This means no bagging, bunching, or riding up.