I’ve been wanting to try a Curvy Kate bathing suit ever since I saw them at Curve. I can’t thank them enough for providing me with one to review.

I chose the Luau Love padded balcony bikini in Flamingo (34J) and the coordinating high waist brief (size 12).


Of course I was immediately attracted to the color. It’s a gorgeous pink that compliments my skin tone. I have to be careful with pinks because if they fall closer to a hot, neon pink they tend to make my skin look slightly orange, like I’ve gotten a bad spray tan.

The fit of the top is extremely comfortable. The padding in the cups is just thick enough so that there is certain to be no nipple showing through but thin enough not to make my J’s look even bigger than they actually are. My breasts fit into the cups nicely with only a slight looseness on the sides and due to the support of the band there is very little pull on the straps. My breasts do seem to push the band down a bit in front, but this is because I prefer a looser band in swimwear. When ordering, be sure to stick with your usual band size of you prefer a tighter fit. I choose to sacrifice a bit in proper fit to have a little less back fat.


The high waisted brief is a strange fit for me. I am shorter in the waist so the top hits me just above my navel. I’m still trying to decide if I like that or not. Keep in mind that I’m feeling a little chubby these days so my criticism is partly me not loving my body shape right now. It’s probably best not to try on swimwear during your “cycle”. For some reason the brief also feels a little thin to me. I may just have to get used to wearing a suit that isn’t black without any pattern.

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For women of the higher cup sizes I definitely recommend trying a Curvy Kate suit. It gave me the opportunity to focus on what the suit actually looked like because it was so comfortable I didn’t have to worry about falling out or tugging on straps.
I can build a sandcastle with my daughter and concentrate on having fun instead of having the girls falling out.