I’m buried in workshop preparation right now. It’d help if I’d stop getting distracted by things like Mayim Bialik’s appearance on What Not to Wear in 2011 . . .


which I discovered after looking for a photo of Melissa Rauch in a high-boob-prominence look like this one


to contrast with a low-boob-prominence look like this one.

Melissa Rauch purple cardi

So now that I’ve spent more hours than I could afford, it’s a good thing I have a backup Curve Cam for today! I met the teenager wearing this dress after church yesterday and immediately asked if I could take a picture of her bodice for my blog.  Her mom bought this dress for her a couple of years ago–from Avon, of all places. I think the double seams across the bust are a great way to combine both design and function to make room for the bust. It also helps that the back is an elasticized panel.


I’ll take both this and Melissa Rauch’s dress please!