As we round out the school year and I prepare for countless graduation events for my son, I am being forced to go through my closet and decide if I’ll be needing to purchase dresses for any events. I will have the yellow Pepperberry dress in my hands soon to review and am hoping it will fit well.

Besides this cheery yellow beauty and a cream dress I purchased from Pepperberry a few years back, I’ve realized that most of my “event worthy” dresses are black. There was a time in my early 20’s when I could count on one hand the number of pieces in my closet that weren’t black. Black has always made me feel strong without drawing too much unwanted attention. Whenever I’m asked my favorite color I say, “Purple for crayons and black for clothing.”

As I looked at my beautiful LBDs I decided to embrace the fact that maybe Black is my color. Of course, I’m open to yellows, greens and what hot mamma doesn’t love red, but black IS a color to me. It doesn’t mean I’m bland or goth or that I lack imagination; in fact one of the things I love most about my black dresses is that depending on my hair, makeup and accessories they can show many sides of who Mia is.

Stay tuned to see the many sides of Mia ~ The Graduation Edition, where I will be showing the different events I attended, what I wore and how I wore my favorite color . . . black.