Last January Patsy began her Fitting In column, but with summer around the corner, life threw her a bunch of curve balls and she had to disappear for a little while. (If you’re wondering what happened to Leila’s Fit Picky Full Bust Alterations, she writes about her own curve balls in 2014 on her blog.) Happily, Patsy’s schedule allows her to write for Hourglassy again, and she joined us for Curve in February, where she looked for the best brands and styles available for our readers who wear 36+ bands. Here is her first recap from her first Curve.

Maybe I’m Amazed at the way you help me sing my song,

You right me when I’m wrong,

Maybe I’m amazed at the way I really need you . . .
Dig up the Billy Joel cover from The Art of McCartny for a great version of Sir Paul’s 1970 hit.

This was my first time at Curve and I’m amazed.
This is a high-level overview of my first press-coverage of the semi-annual look at the new lines of lingerie. I’ll cover these in-depth in follow-up posts, but here are the highlights.

My first event was The Blogger Meet Up: Darlene invited Curve attendees, vendors, boutique owners, designers & entrepreneurs (including a special model) to mingle with bloggers from Hourglassy and other sites in the busty blogosphere. The time flew by and by evening’s end I couldn’t wait to follow-up with the lovely Lisa Dolan (designer and proprietress of Lee Lee’s Valise); the ladies from Sculptress;  a Super Hero that I’ll call WonderWoman who is about to launch her own boutique;  Leanna from Harlowe & Fox, and more.

My next event was a Social Media Workshop. This was a panel run by Curve’s social media expert reviewing with three small business owners how they manage their online presence in terms of branding & customer communications. Plenty of great insight was shared. I think they intended it for business owners, but as a part of social media — I came away with ideas for how we in the social media space can help those businesses, which helps us (by getting some really great bras in the stores!). Yay!

After the Social Media Workshop, I toured the booths and viewed the new offerings from Kris Line, Sculptress, Natori, Elila, Bra:30, Anita, Tutti Rouge, Peru Cotton Pajamas, Curvy Couture and more. My particular interest was Kris Line, which I’ve worn before and have had trouble finding.

I also wanted to focus on full-bust styles that carry above 38 band sizes, serving the customer who needs a plus sized, large cup bra.  I was not disappointed.  Here’s one piece I viewed from Sculptress:

 Last Curve Event: Fit School. I attended fit school by the lovely Freddy from Eveden. We heard about the history of bras and finished the class with a fitting. Amazing. Have I used that word too much? Elomi has been good to me before, but I’ve moved into a new size and felt incredible as soon as I put on that new bra. This made me all the more excited because we had a follow-up visit at the Eveden show-room planned for later in the week. And a new size means new bras.

Then a Coda. We finished the day with an off-site visit to see the latest in luxury lingerie from Harlow & Fox.