I learned so much at Curve this year, but the one thing that really stuck with me is that when it comes to bras there are many opinions about “fit”. I truly believe that there is a difference between “personal preference” and “fit”.

Always on the lookout for bras that will work for me, Darlene encouraged me to visit a brand that makes bras up to an American N cup in hopes that just maybe the 34 bands would run tight and I could sister size.  Instead, the owner of the company told me that my breasts were too low, the wrong shape and my 32 band was too tight. She told me that if a band leaves marks and creates “back fat”, it’s too tight. But that is what I call “personal preference”. My breasts are very heavy and if my band is not snug, the weight of my boobs will push the front band, underwire and all, downward. My band was comfortable to me until she rudely shoved and pulled on it while sucking her teeth and rolling her eyes. That was followed by her measuring me over my sweater and over an inch below where my underwire sat. As for back fat, it’s there because there is fat on my back.

As far as the shape of my breasts in my bras, I always prefer a rounder shape. I do not like cone shaped bras. I don’t like how they look, and because I am full on top, it is difficult to find one that the girls don’t bubble up and out of.

I say all of this because at the end of the day these are my breasts. Helpful tips from others I welcome, but especially when you are in an industry serving the very personal need of your customer, don’t be rude or snarky.

My bras may not fit your taste, but that doesn’t mean they don’t fit.