I’m sure I’ve mentioned how much I dislike clothes shopping before. This is nothing new for me. My mom always commented that I shop “like a man”. I have never enjoyed perusing racks upon racks of clothes, not even when I was a skinny teen with a reasonable rack of my own.

The older I get and the more my body changes, I’ve learned to just suck it up and step into the dressing room.

There is one thing that has made shopping close to fun for me and that is being sure to pack a bag before I go. Even if I think I know exactly what I am going to buy and how it will fit, I still take a bag with a few essential items for the dressing room.

As a busty woman it is imperative that I bring several bras. I usually pack two. How many times have you had to pull your straps to the side or tuck your cups trying to see what a top or dress will look like? Or tried to imagine what active wear will feel like and how it will move over your sports bra? It’s these things that build up aggravation in me so I take preventative measures.

I also bring:

A foundation garment in case things look a little lumpy

A pair of pumps so I don’t have to visualize height on my tip toes

Bobby pins and/or an elastic band in case I want to see what an outfit looks like with my hair up

Everything in my shopping “go bag” is there for a specific reason. If we all had personal stylists, they’d have a bag of goodies with them. I’ve got to style myself, so I’m going to do it right, with my own bag of tricks.