I must admit that I went back and forth for a while on how I should word this post or if I should talk about it at all. Fortunately (or Unfortunately depending on your view) I think it’s important that I speak to you all the same way I would a friend, openly.

Being above a G cup makes it even that much more difficult to find examples of women who have bodies that look like mine. Whenever I do find that unicorn, I take notice. I came across Mia Zarring while doing a Google search for G cup and up women. It’s astounding to see what comes up when searching anything breast related. Sifting through the porn, I found that Mia Zarring is a 5 ft 5, 34K from Russia.  Obviously she’s beautiful.

image image

I can’t read Russian so I pretty much have made up her story in my head through her photos, kind of like how my children used to do before they could read.

The thing about that is that Mia Zarring is not a fictional character. She’s a person. If I took only the photos Google gave me and created her entire life story from them, what would that say about her? More importantly, what would that say about me?

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Being the inquisitive woman that I am, I looked for and found Ms. Zarring on Instagram. Here’s where it gets interesting. The pictures on Instagram seem more personal. They aren’t just publicity shots. Because they are so much more candid we see a different side of her, one that feels very familiar to me.

image image image image image

Looking through both sets of photos brought up a lot of questions for me. As a women with very large breasts, I am keenly aware of what message people receive when the girls are “on display”. It seems as though in some photos she is purposely doing so as a part of her “work”. But, in other more candid photos is the message being sent the same as the message that is being received? And what if there is in fact no message being sent? What if she just likes that look?

What I’m getting at is, as busty women, we know assumptions are sometimes made about who we truly are. The way we dress can often swing an opinion positive or negatively. Once we’ve put our breasts out there, cleavage and all can we ever really go back?

Yes, we are in control of the message we are sending but are we ever in control of the message that is received?