Well I finally made it to H&M to check out their holiday selections. Let me start off by saying that all H&M stores are not equal. I live in Harlem so I regularly go to the location there. This time I decided to go to the H&M on the upper east side of Manhattan, a much larger store with a wider selection.

I have found that H&M is good for thin sweaters, and their holiday selection is large. Unfortunately, most of the sweaters I saw were quite thick and far too bulky for this busty gal to look like anything other than a fluffy box.

I decided to focus on dress up clothes. I tried on a strapless jumpsuit and paired it with a jacket. I thought I might have a chance of being able to zip it all the way because it had a large elastic panel in the back.

elasticized jumper back

I was wrong. I do think that it would fit up to an F cup though.


The jacket was beautiful on the hanger but the lapels couldn’t even see each other let alone meet! It was worth a try.

beautiful bust unfriendly jacket

I also tried on a maxi dress that almost worked. I just thought the front was far too revealing. t also made me look rectangular from the front.image

I did think it was flattering . . . from the side.


The look that I found most interesting actually would look great on busty ladies with more of an hourglass figure. It’s close to being a crop top, but a fancy one paired with a very long skirt. My photos don’t really do this look justice. I think my camera was too confused by the sparkle.image

Please excuse my pigtails. It was cold and I needed a hairdo that would survive trying on a bunch of clothes so I threw on a baseball cap and was out the door!