Someday soon I want to talk uniforms with you. More and more, I find myself reaching for the same favorite pieces to put together in different ways. I’m wearing three of those pieces below: my Loft jacket,* a Campbell & Kate button front, and a pair of khakis.

my uniform
I wore this same outfit to an evening LinkedIn workshop last week, and I did NOT blend in with the after-work crowd of professional women. The khakis were too casual. Black pants or a dark skirt would have been better, but I don’t own a pair of black pants, and it was too cold for a skirt.

So it was obvious that I hadn’t just come from the office, and I felt a little sheepish about that. However, I couldn’t do anything about it, so I decided just to make myself friendly to the women around me, and I ended up learning good things about LinkedIn and meeting some really nice people.

This of course reminded me of the great advice about standing out that the Panache giveaway entrants have sent me, and this is the week I’m going to begin sharing them. So even though Mia, Leah and I will be spending time with family instead of writing for the rest of the week, be sure to visit Hourglassy for a daily dose of inspiration from your fellow readers.


*In the end, this jacket and the denim pencil skirt were the only pieces I kept from my Loft shopping trip. I know this jacket is now too big, so if I figure out how to make it more fitted, I’ll be writing about the alterations here!