I’d planned to give a full marathon recap today but unfortunately, after running a 5k in the cold rain, I woke up on Sunday with the flu. I missed volunteering at the marathon and because I can’t give you a first-hand view, thought it’d be best to hold off on posting about the marathon until next year, when I’ll be running it.

Since I’ve been chilly for the last week or so, I officially pulled out my sweaters. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I love when there is a bit of chill in the air, just enough for a sweater and scarf. Being a full on top busty woman does create a few issues when it comes to sweaters.

Unfortunately, 99% of my sweaters are v-neck. Being full on top and a 32J, I have yet to find a full coverage bra for the girls. I have wonderful bras that look, feel and fit but my breasts always find a way to ever so slightly shift upward in the cups creating bulge. I don’t think about it in v-neck sweaters because the cut of the neckline fools the eye, camouflaging the bulge.

image image

There was a time, perhaps 10 years ago, that I wore fitted, turtleneck sweaters as well. Having a small band size and a wide waist, if a sweater is too thick, I look boxy but in a fitted sweater I look curvier. I love them still but must find a perfect full coverage bra with absolutely no bulge before I return to wearing light, turtleneck sweaters.

While looking at two of my favorite busty celebs in sweaters, I may have found a sweater option I’d never considered before.


The scarf with sleeves!

This spoke to me because it would give me the option of wearing a fitted top underneath to keep from looking boxy while giving me the freedom to wear something bulky, even a bulky turtleneck on top. As an added bonus, any little boob bulge wouldn’t show.

I scoured the web but have yet to find one as luscious as Nigella’s but I did find quite a selection on Etsy.

image image image image image image image image image image

What do you think?