Last week I discussed the effects a worn out bra had on my running. Besides getting a new bra, I knew it was necessary to check my running posture. As with yoga, when I am running I have to keep my posture in check. With such a large bust, running with improper posture can weigh down my run and wreck havoc on my neck, shoulders and back.

When it comes to running posture, there are some differences of opinion but here are 10 tips for improving your running form that most agree on:

1. Keep your chin up while running; do not look down at your feet.

2. Keep your abs tight.

3. Keep your upper body relaxed and quiet with minimal side-to-side movement while you run.

4. Keep your shoulders and arms relaxed, and swing your arms back and forth with your hands passing pocket level.

5. Keep your chest up high and your shoulders back. This will help you breathe properly while running.

6. Keep your hips aligned with each other at all times. Your hips must form a straight line from left to right as you run. Try not to drop your hips as you go through the gait cycle. If you tend to drop your hips, you need to strengthen your adductors, that is, the muscles on the outside of your hips.

7. Land on the balls of your feet (forefoot or midfoot) instead of your heels.

8. Do not straighten your front leg as you land on your front leg. Your knee must be bent and your foot must be pointing slightly downwards and not flexed towards the sky.

9. Lift the back leg with your hamstrings and bring it as high as possible to your butt. Then let gravity take over and let it drop.

10. Lean slightly forward when running. Do not lean forward or backward too much while running. There must an imaginary straight line running from your head down through your center of gravity to your hips and legs.


It’s strange that some of the smallest things can effect my running posture. I noticed that when I lost my armband that holds my phone and had to carry it in my hand, I’d look down at it so often that by the end if my run the base of my neck hurt. I was violating tip #1. If I’m stressed when I begin my run, I tend to tense up a lot in my shoulders, violating tip #4. To keep my shoulders and arms loose, I shake them out periodically while running. If I’m on a hilly course, I use the downhills as a time to “shake out”.

I think being so busty has helped in correcting my running posture. Sounds strange, huh? The reason I say this is because when something is “off” with my form, it quickly effects my body. The size and weight of my breasts cannot be improperly carried for miles without pain. I usually feel it around mile 2 and make adjustments before any damage is done. Thank you, boobs!