It all started with an idea of just diving in and trying local brands, as my clothing is mainly US brands after traveling with work in that part of the world so much. Last week I wrote about Swedish labels Filippa K and Tiger of Sweden as well as Finnish Andiata. None of those were a big success although some were more bust friendly than others.

But SAND, a Copenhagen, Denmark-based brand – this was an exception. I first ventured into a mall next to my workplace and there was a clearance in this brand store and thought I’d pop in and see if I could find anything. And I sure did!


Green is normally not my thing, despite our home being white and green, as you can see from the kitchen wallpaper in the background of this photo, but I thought it wasn’t too green and tried it on. And again, not even sizing up like I normally do with tops, the EU42 fit!!! The bottom part has a side zipper and is fitted and the top part stays put.


No cleavage spilling the whole day. The mock wrap top really stays as it is. It was a refreshing pop of color in an all black suit outfit that I wore it with to work.

After my first success with SAND, I looked for it again when I walked into Stockmann’s women’s department a few Fridays. I bravely selected a size L button down shirt to try, as my search was all about tops then.


While it doesn’t fit perfectly, it is still a far better fit than anything else I tried. So someone a little less busy might fit into a SAND button down shirt nicely. The design was so gorgeous that I’m seriously tempted to  ask Darlene to custom make this shirt for me as a Campbell & Kate version!

I had decided that I will not try dresses on, but after finding some success with this brand I just had to try on a few dresses I really liked.


This dress was so comfortable although a size larger would’ve been better, but I did not try it due to lack of time. The sides and sleeves are knitted and the front and back are thick jersey. A perfect work dress for winter.


This little down jacket was so cool that I wanted to check( a) does it fit and (b) would it work with a dress as it’s too short for a pants style. Ok, it did not fit in size L and there was no way it would zip up. BUT XL did nicely! Luckily also the pockets are at the bottom of the jacket and not on the bust, subtly drawing attention to the waistline. Now the only issue is that I so badly want this outfit, but I should not be buying more clothes…


They also had this navy dress with knitted sleeves. It was a little boxy on, but no issue in fitting into it. An ok basic dress but mostly just further showed that at least my 34GG bust can fit into a lot of their clothes.