I am on the Pepperberry mailing list and get an email reminder when they have the new season up on their website. Yes, it does remind me to check out what’s new, but more importantly it signals that there is a 90% chance they have put more pieces on sale. Who doesn’t love catching something on sale that you’ve swooned over but didn’t buy due to the cost?

I always check the sale section first. The reason why? Because the sale items have been reviewed and when it comes to a Pepperberry purchase, especially if you’re in the US, reviews are extremely important. So I recently got the “This just in” email and took a look at what’s on sale. They have a few very nice pieces that could become wardrobe staples and received positive reviews.

Textured Full Skirt Dress            Now $61.17  Was $130.60

The Textured Full Skirt dress caught my eye because of the fabric and the sleeves that thankfully are not Pepperberry’s usual arm-muffin creating cap sleeves. There was a complaint about the waist being too high, but for a short wasted girl like me (and most of the other reviewers) it isn’t a problem.

Classic Mac Now $90.93  Was $181.85
Classic Mac
Now $90.93 Was $181.85

Although the Classic Mac is not really my style I know there are many busty ladies who have been longing for it. I’m still not convinced it would be flattering on me, but being that it’s deeply discounted and it received such rave reviews I may have to snatch it up.

Cosy Collar Pea Coat
Cosy Collar Pea Coat                                        Now $123.99  Was $181.85
With collar removed
With collar removed


The funny thing about the Cosy Collar Pea Coat is that the Cosy Collar is universally hated. The actual coat, once the collar is removed is quite sharp.

Full Skirt Coat Now. Was
Full Skirt Coat
Now $148.79  Was $213.27

I swooned over the Full Skirt Coat. There is something so womanly yet playful about a full skirt and I’ve been looking for a coat with a true full skirt (not a swing skirt) for years. The only problem I have is the color. I live in NYC and let me tell ya stuff happens walking around this city. When you clock as many miles as I do going to school functions, meetings and dinners, you need to have a coat that you can wear on the streets, buses and subways without a mysterious stain showing up.

And what do I see in the New section? The Full Skirt Coat in Black! Yaaaaasssss! (That’s RuPaul for yes.)

Full Skirt Coat in Black $213.27
Full Skirt Coat in Black

photo 4 photo 5

Yes, it’s a little steep at full price, but for a coat that would surely be a staple in my wardrobe, I’ll pay.

Here are a couple other items I’d consider paying full price for.

Ponte Biker Jacket  $114.07 Hellz yeah I want one!
Ponte Biker Jacket
Hellz yeah I want one!


Colour Block Dress  $90.90.
Colour Block Dress

Inquiring minds want to know. Is a “colour” block dress more sophisticated than a “color” block dress? Does “color” say club while “colour” says soirée?

What items are on your list of things that are staples worth handing over the big bucks for?