I’m sure most of us have seen this meme.


Or this one.image

Or this one.image

They all apply to me. No matter how well it fits or how beautiful my breasts may look in it, I hate wearing a bra. The first thing I take off after my shoes is my bra. In fact my husband, son and daughters are accustomed to finding a bra on the seat of a kitchen stool, dining room chair or neatly folded and tucked under a decorative pillow on the sofa. I always do a bra check before “company” comes over.

I haven’t always been this way. I was still too self-conscious to go braless in my own home growing up, and the first time I lived with someone I was still uncomfortable. It took about three years of living together for me to feel okay walking around my home without a bra in front of my husband, but I haven’t turned back since. At this point in my life, my immediate family has seen me nurse two children for a year each, so seeing my covered breasts without a bra is no big deal.

Because I am such a “bra remover”, I’ve become curious about the effect it has had on my breasts. There are those that say not wearing a bra makes them “saggy” faster; however there are studies that report wearing a bra could increase sagging. They all found that how much your breasts sag has to do with genetics more than anything.

This has led me to ask, why do some large-busted women wear bras all day and even sleep in them? Do you experience pain or discomfort when not wearing a bra? Do you sleep in a special bra?

I always get such useful information from my readers, so I’m looking forward to your input.