So only a lucky few of you could participate in our clothing swap raffle, but guess what? Ann Victor has made one more Perfect Cami prize available to Hourglassy readers far and wide. The winner can choose any cami she likes from the collection. I happen to own the navy one below, which you know I love.


For one entry into the raffle, answer one of the questions below. For two entries, answer both.

1. Besides black, what color camis would you like to have for the fall/winter?

2. What is your biggest complaint about camisoles?

For those of you who wonder about the Perfect Cami sizing chart, here’s some good news: Ann is experimenting with attaching bigger fronts to smaller backs. I love how responsive she is to customer needs. This means that your answers to the two questions above will really make a difference.

You can also help make a difference to Hourglassy. After our writer’s brunch before the swap on August 2, we are brimming with ideas for future events, one being, what if we were to organize something in YOUR area of the country? To do so, we  need to know the geographic pockets of the United States where our readers live, so for a third entry into the raffle, please answer question #3:

3. What major city is closest to your home, and how far away is it? (Feel free to expound if you live in different parts of the country for different periods of the year!)

Send your answers to giveaway [at] hourglassy [dot] com, and put “Perfect Cami” in the subject line. We’ll draw the winner via a random number generator after 11:59 PM EDT next Tuesday, August 26, and we’ll send an email to the winner.