In June last year, 127 of you answered my survey about big bust swimsuit preferences.  I thought you’d like to see the results of the survey before we delve into the specific brands and styles that are out there for us. Do any of the results surprise you?

Question 1: What style of swimsuit do you prefer?

What style of swimsuit do you prefer?

Question 2: If you wear a two-piece, what style of bottoms do you prefer?

bikini bottom preferences infographic

Question 3: How important is underwiring in your swimsuits?

underwire survey question.png

Question 4: Aside from support, what are the top three features that you look for in a suit?

top three features in a full bust swimsuit

Question 5: How often do you buy swimwear?

Swimwear Purchase Frequency Pie

Question 6: What fabric design do you most prefer?


Here were the two biggest surprises for me:

  1. Figure camouflage doesn’t rank as the top 3 for most of us, but figure flattery does. I love it!
  2. I’m not the only one who doesn’t invest in a swimsuit every year.

Also, isn’t it interesting that black tied for last place in fabric design? I hope the store swimwear buyers are listening!! When I stopped at Town Shop earlier in the summer, all the great colors and prints were gone, leaving giant blocks of black swimming suits. Consistent with your survey responses, the sales assistant told me the colors and prints go right away. If you’ve only just started swimsuit shopping, I’d love to hear if you’re finding the prints and colors you want in your size.