I’ve just landed at JFK this late afternoon, and I’m heading towards my Tudor City hotel on Manhattan. This is not my first visit to New York, as some of you readers might remember, but I’m looking for a different perspective this time instead of what I always do. I’ve already gotten some excellent restaurant recommendations from our very own Off the Rack Leah, but let’s talk about shopping now 🙂

What are your go to places on Manhattan, Brooklyn or elsewhere close to Manhattan? Clothes, shoes, lingerie? I’ve avoided going to the Century 21 on Manhattan as I’ve heard it’s always crowded with tourists and I get really anxious in very crowded places. Is it a visit though?

It’s also my friend’s first visit to NYC, so what would you recommend as must sees? Off the beaten track or just something one must see?

We’ll be going for drinks at the Marriott Marquis tonight so we can tick off a skyline view at night off our list + Times Square.

And on Saturday it’s time for the Big Bust Clothing Swap! I’ve brought a LOT of goodies for the swap, pretty much unused Kris Line & Freya bras and Bravissimo and Pepperberry clothes that I’ve ended up only wearing once or twice.