The decision to wear the Pin Up Girl Ava dress to the Black & White Affair hosted by my husband’s Masonic Grand Lodge was a big one for me.  Over and over again I looked at this body, my body, and kept asking the question:  Is this too much boob?  Is this dress ok?  Are WE ready to step out?

Tonight I did.

In this dress, I did.

best breast forward ava choice
I wore the Ava in black.

I’m so happy that I was able to use my favorite bra for this dress.  It is the most comfortable, supportive bra I’ve ever owned.  I knew that if it happened to peak through in the middle of us tearing up the dance floor, which it did, all that would be shown is a spot of lusciously soft, black lace.

best breast forward andorra
Panache Andorra

best breast forward ava amazing

So “the girls” and I stepped out, proudly, in Ava.  I love this dress.  The XL, for me, fit beautifully.  Yes, my boobs were “out”, but if you look at photos of the model wearing the dress, I was showing an equal amount of mine as she did hers.  It left enough room in the waist for sitting gracefully and I loved the longer length for getting out of the limo in front of people without worrying about having a “Brittany moment”.  The satin isn’t shiny.  It’s rich.

I pulled the front of my hair into pin up appropriate rolls and left the crown and back portion down.

best breast forward ava mia and dh

I had a wonderful time with my dapper husband, our friends and family and all the other Masons in attendance because the entire night, I felt beautiful!  Isn’t it all about being able to truly be happy with me and how I look?  To not just glance, but to really LOOK in the mirror . . . and be happy?

I was.  What a night.