I am going through the process of touring and interviewing potential schools for my youngest daughter.  We have chosen to send her to an all girls school, and seeing such a diverse group of girls of all ages really has gotten me thinking.  Is it easier to come of age in an all girls environment or are we harder on each other?

It is clear to me that there is an enormous amount of support amongst the girls I’ve seen.  I wonder if it is more difficult being secure with yourself when you have so many other young ladies to compare yourself to or if because there are so many body shapes and because they have all gone through it (rapid changes to their bodies), are going through it or will be going through it soon, they bond together in a special way.

The schools I have seen are doing an amazing job working on girls and body image.  From early on they are becoming familiar with and appreciating not just what their bodies look like but what they are capable of.  I can only imagine what a difference a similar initiative would have made in my life.  To have been able to talk about my body instead of trying to hide it would have been self assuring.

I am sure that my little lady will not have a perfect K thru 12 experience, but I truly believe that she will come out of it with a better understanding and appreciation of herself and her body.