I’ve mentioned before that I haven’t had any luck with Freya bras, but I still think that it is worth giving them a try, if only to see if changes have been made for G+ women. We must keep in mind that they cannot make changes quickly. It may take a couple years for them to manufacture and sell bras that work for us.

The Good: The bra is gorgeous. The pink stitching is a playful pop of color against the black, and there is just enough sheer material to turn up the sexy a bit. The band is especially comfortable while still being firm enough to provide great support.

arabella 1

The Bad: The cups have the same wonky, cone shape I’ve encountered in other Freya bras. Because my boobs aren’t naturally cone-shaped (are many women’s?), I had to lean over into the bra and then do some adjusting to get my breasts into the cup properly.

arabella 2

The Ugly: This bra IS NOT for full-on-top breasts. I’m sure someone will say that I need a larger cup. I don’t. My entire breasts fit into the cup. The problem is the band that runs parallel to, and directly below, the scalloped edge. This band seems to be placed here to reinforce the line of pink embroidery below the scalloped edge. I would gladly give up the reinforcement for a good fit.

arabella 3
(Bubble boob created by pressure from band)
arabella 4
(Lifting the band allowing breast to sit properly)

As a full-on-top woman, I have learned that if I see this in a bra (I see it fairly often), it will not work for me. It creates a stranger than usual four-boobed shape.

arabella 6
The quadra-band from the front.
arabella 5
The underside of the quadra-band.

If you are not full on top, you may want to give the Freya Arabella a try. As I said, it is very pretty and comfortable to boot. I, however, will not be keeping this one. This is not to say I have given up on Freya as a brand. They’re know for asking for feedback from their customers, which shows that they are at least willing to listen to us.