I think my breasts have stopped growing for a while. I’ve been the same cup size for about two years now so it’s time to start stocking up on bras. Admittedly, I only have three bras in circulation right now, plus three  sports bras. Sad . . . I know.

I’m one of those women who finds something that works and sticks with it. This is mostly due to the fact that getting to know a new brand is time consuming and can be quite expensive. The back and forth of ordering from overseas, waiting for the shipment, and returning what doesn’t work is annoying. Why go through all of that when I could just hop on eBay and order what I know will fit and have it here in less than a week? My go to brand has been Panache. I absolutely love the shape and support I get from their balconette bras that have lace cups and those with lace on the top half of the cup. I tend to have issues with bras that don’t have any “give” at the top of the cup. With all of the moving around and picking up toys, children and puppies, I have to be sure that I don’t bend over with two boobs and stand up with four.

big bust panache harmony
Panache Harmony
big bust Panache Jasmine
Panache Jasmine
big bust Cleo Marcie babydoll
Cleo Marcie babydoll

I must admit that it wasn’t until I started reading and now writing blogs that I’ve begun to explore other brands. I’ve decided to take the plunge by purchasing a bra from Curvy Kate and one from Polish brand Ewa Michalak. Now I just have to choose a bra to start with from each line. I’ve narrowed it down to these.

EM Margot
EM Margot
EM Bezyk
EM Bezyk
big bust
CK Romance
big bust CK Princess
CK Princess
big bust CK Emily
CK Emily

I hope to make a decision and place an order this month. If you have experience with any of these bras or have others to recommend from these brands, I’d love to hear from you.