Two more walks to go and I’ll have earned the Bijte cami I’ve been linking to all month, but by last Saturday I realized that I have already earned the rewards of increased energy and motivation. Also, I’ve become proactive about exercising–it helps when I know I have to fit four sessions into the week. For instance, last Wednesday I knew the following day would be extremely busy, so I pictured myself getting up and started right away on Thursday morning instead of dragging around. It worked! I was like a machine, I was so efficient that morning.

Here are other Fit & Active posts that have been published since last week:

Faustine’s Foundations has joined the fun. She writes about the effect of a muscular back on band sizes, plus she owns both the Panache and the Freya Active Support sports bras.

Boosaurus adds her Panache sports bra review to the mix, AND she has a handy list of 16 other reviews of this bra, including the sizes of the reviewers.

Wide Curves concentrates on finding workout bottoms for wide hips this week. She’s also got a review up of the Anita Active Extreme Control Sports Bra.

Les Gros Bonnets offers an updated roundup of H+ sports bras.

Look for a few more posts as we sprint to the end of this month! (Okay, I know it’s a marathon, not a sprint. It’s time to be proactive about how I’m going to keep this up in October.)