Finally this week I’ll be doing my cardigan post that has been a work in progress for a long time! Sadly, I’m still missing one picture I would have like to have posted, but unfortunately with my new Samsung Galaxy can’t take timer photos like I could with my old Nokia phone. Nokia cameras are superb + unbeatable and am regretting swapping my phone for a Samsung even though the timing was perfect as a week later Nokia mobile phones were sold to Microsoft. End of an era in my country.

Ok, back to cardigans then. I’m not a traditional cardigan loving woman and I hate most cardis. Especially the preppy ones look awful on me. I’m just not that girl. I need something different from a cardi, a non traditional cut or some rock n’ roll attitude. If I would have to pick what I have most trouble finding for my wardrobe, it would be cardigans!

This VILA cardi is my long time favorite (although when this photo was taken it was too small for me).

Wrap cardigan by VILA.
Wrap cardigan by VILA. – photo taken by Darlene @Affinia Manhattan hotel

Recently a busty local celeb launched her own clothing line in a local supermarket chain called Citymarket, and I have found some great pieces from her collection. For example, this is a perfect v-necked cardi where the waist sits where it’s supposed to.

Janina F cardigan.
Janina F cardigan.

If I were to pick some other styles I love, these came to my mind first:

Holly Bracken cardigan
Holly Bracken cardigan. I like the cut and the collar detail.
ASOS, lace back detail cardigan.
ASOS, lace back detail cardigan.

The ASOS pick looks traditional from the front but is surprising from the back. I can see a white cami under this for a great look.

Generally I wear dresses, and being a tummy girl, I prefer longer cardis and never wear short ones.  All my coats are also knee-length, so the longer cardis work well in the winter time. I really dislike the look of the cardi hanging from under a shorter coat. That is one issue that women who look great in the shorter cardis can easily avoid 🙂

I do prefer jackets for the sharper look in general, but for the warmth, a girl needs cardis in the winter time. <3