A main goal of Hourglassy is to help full-busted women connect with the companies that create products for them, so I was happy to discover Bolero Beachwear and report about it last June. However, Patricia McCaw, the founder of Bolero, was even happier because it’s a giant challenge for start-ups with limited (if any) marketing budgets to know how to reach us. There was one more person who was thrilled with my blog post: Patricia’s mother, Maria Louisa, in Ecuador. To show her appreciation, she gifted me with the deluxe version of Patricia’s fabulous dress below.

D Cup dress with lace overlay

Patricia made me a “little black dress” version of it as well.

D Cup dress black

And a print version that has all my favorite colors! That’s Patricia on the right, in another one of her dresses (her bra size is 32H). Could I resist getting together with her for lunch when I was in Miami last month? Of course not! But I had no idea that she was going to meet ALL my dress needs for the rest of the summer. I’ve been wearing them everywhere–around the house, shopping, to church, and out for coffee.

D cup dress Darlene and Patricia in Hollywood FL

Patricia’s dresses may soon be available to purchase online, but you can also find a great selection through Lion’s Lair. Here are some of her current fabric options.

D Cup Dress fabric options Bolero In the short time that I’ve known Patricia, one thing that I really appreciate is her openness to feedback.

  • For instance, that horizontal seam across the boobs? It can be a little too reminiscent of the dreaded Boob Bifurcation. I’ve mentioned it to Patricia, and she’s already experimenting with other options.
  • Based on another comment that I’ve made in the past, she’s also being super careful to avoid single giant flower prints on each boob.
  • Patricia appreciated your feedback about polyester in the comments to my June post. She’s found that many women like polyester blends for traveling, but she will also make cotton knits available.

Thank you, Maria Louisa, for my beautiful dress. Even more, thank you for such a wonderful daughter who cares about creating an excellent product for large-busted women!