July 7, 2021 Update: Bettie Page Clothing has since changed its name to Tatyana Boutique. And sadly, the New York store closed long ago.

Here is the progression of Reader M’s emails after yesterday’s blog post:
I love the pinup style but don’t want to accentuate my boobs. Love a big, full skirt.
. . .
Do you think the Bettie Page on Bowery will have a size to fit my bust? Love the dress.
. . .
On my way to Bowery with my little girl. I’ll send you pictures to update our progress.
. . .
Officially LOVE Bettie Page! Amazing staff and the selection is a big boobed girl’s best friend. I haven’t enjoyed shopping in a very long time.

large bust 32J bettie paige dress

big bust 32J bettie paige dress

big bust keyhole front bettie paige 32J

big bust bettie paige reusable bag
“They also give you a great reusable bag.”

A sampling of my thoughts as I look at these photos:

I want to look like Reader M.

Reader M’s daughter wants to look like Reader M. That’s such a good thing.

What a great company. Look at the smile and attitude that a well-fitting, gorgeous garment gives you.

Why didn’t I know that Bettie Page had a store in Manhattan, and when am I going to visit it?

These dresses are going up on my Yes to the Dress board. Thank you to everyone who contributed their suggestions and sympathy yesterday!