Couple of bra reviews this week. Though I’ve slowed down on buying new ones in anticipation of placing a big Comexim order sometime in the next couple months, there are a couple Freyas that I’ve had my eye on and am willing to make an exception for the right price.

Freya is one of the very few brands whose cut-and-sew bras fit me really well, really consistently. And the ones that fit me best are the ones with lace or lace-like sheer fabric on the top half of the cup, like Naomi (the best-fitting one I’ve ever tried…I will cry when it wears out), Luisa, and Ada. The fully solid ones, like Lacey and Erin, aren’t quite as good. They have some wrinkling at the top of the cup near the strap for some reason.

A couple seasons back, I had my eye on the Freya “Beau,” but wasn’t crazy about the color (brown bows on a tan background). But then Freya offered it this season in fuchsia over light pink (they call it “lollipop”), and I absolutely loved it. Large Cup Lingerie is currently selling it for $40 with free international shipping, so I picked one up for a decent price.

2013-06-13 freya beau

The fit, as expected, is spot on. It’s uplifted and round with an ever so slightly pointed shape, the way most Freya bras seem to fit. As with all Freyas, the wires are pretty narrow and the cups pretty deep, though not ridiculously so for either. The gore sits perfectly flush without digging in.

I love the details on this bra. The gore and each strap have a little lilac bow with white polka dots. The print of the bra continues onto the front of the straps, but is flat enough that you can adjust the straps all the way onto the print, making them fully adjustable. The color is wonderfully bright, more so than the manufacturer’s photo included here. All in all, it was a great, worthwhile purchase.

Next up is Freya’s “Babes in the Wood.” I noticed it at the last CurvExpo and really liked the pattern, but didn’t make plans to definitely buy it. I’ve kept an eye on it, though, just because it’s one of the half-lace offerings. So when had another of their 20% off everything coupons and I needed a new strapless bra anyways (review to come!), I went for it.


Babes in the Wood doesn’t fit quite the same as Beau. I couldn’t put my finger on why at first, but then I realized the lace panel seemed wider. I measured it, and closest to the gore the panel is two inches tall. On Beau, it’s only 1.75 inches. As such, the heavier fabric isn’t enclosing as much tissue and I get a slight quad-boob effect on the seam where the lace meets the fabric. The lace is also quite delicate compared to Beau’s mesh-like texture, so it’s not restricting the tissue as well.

However, the lace is deliciously soft and molds to my shape at the top of the breast, so it’s not a total loss by any means. I’m considering tucking a little of the lace under the fabric near the seam and sewing it in place or maybe sewing some grosgrain ribbon on the inside of the seam so it strengthens the lace.

Otherwise, the fit and shape is similar to Beau, and equally as pleasing. Babes is also very bright with fabric that again reaches onto the front of the straps without affecting adjustability. It further matches Beau’s charm with sheer cream and blue striped ribbon bows with a tiny coral center placed at the gore and straps.

It took me years to move away from wearing nothing but molded bras; and Freya’s lovely, nearly perfectly fitting options and genius prints are definitely responsible for my conversion.