Here’s a roundup of what readers like best about having big boobs (submitted during our last Parfait giveaway). I hope their stories make you begin this new week with a smile about your own body!

  • I have trouble identifying with what seems to be the majority of the big bust community: I’ve never had any trouble accepting my body, never wished for a breast reduction or something along those lines. I’ve worn a bra since I was 5, well I don’t think the first garments I owned could be called a “bra” once they didn’t have wires or hooks and eyes in the back, they were more a sort of cropped camisoles that matched some of my panties and were the solution my mother come up with for me wanting to wear a bra. As I grew up I started to fit non wired bras, and then came the time when I finally had something to put in them, something that made them a practical garment rather than only a decorative one, it wasn’t a celebrated moment but it wasn’t a dreaded one either. It was normal. For me to have relatively big boobs was normal. My mom has big boobs, I used to watch my grandmother getting dressed to go out when I was little and she has big boobs too, my aunt has big boobs and my father’s aunt always asked me if I had any boobies yet, up until the moment when it became obvious I did (then she started asking if I had a boyfriend). My point is even with my friends jokes about my big boobs (not mentioning strangers looks and rude remarks since I was 12…) I never really thought they were anything but normal, to me they aren’t big boobs they are my boobs, they grew with me and I never regarded them as anything else than a part of my body. What I love about them? Everything! What’s not to love? They are the only ones I have. I like that they’re still perky and dread that one day they will not be as perky anymore, I learned to love my big aureoles and my miniscule nipples because I can’t change them and they’re here to stay, I love that they give me a more curvaceous figure and I even wouldn’t mind if they were a little bigger.
  • It’s pretty simple. I like them because they’re part of me. I have various self-esteem issues stemming from puberty when I was awkward and my weight sat in weird places, but as I’ve grown, both physically and mentally, I’ve realized that I have to have some bits of me that I like which I then narrowed down to my eyes, boobs and legs! Weird, I know. The way I figure it is that if I focus on what I like, then I can slowly stop obsessing over what I don’t like. My tummy is a little squidgy, and my nose is a little big, but I have pretty eyes, great boobs and awesome legs. What more could a girl ask for?
  • While I’m standing up I can hold my Pomeranian without my arms or hands. He can rest atop my bosom and not fall. And sometimes I wish I had smaller boobs for the sake of certain outfits, but then I remember how flawless I look in even more outfits bc of my chest. I love all the compliments/ jealousy directed my way just bc of breast size and whenever I receive them, I feel so proud! My favourite compliment ever was that I have the perfect body for a pin-up, especially bc it was just so random from a girl in a psychology class. So that’s a reason I love my big boobs (and I’m on the smaller side of big boobdom), I love that they are a random source of confidence, a proud reminder that I have a beautiful, woman’s body. And even when they get in the way during exercise, I still love ’em.
  • What I like most about my breasts is that they balance out my broad shoulders and my large bone structure visually.
  • I most like my 30Gs because they balance my proportions and make my figure pretty awesome.
  • My favourite thing about my big breasts is when I can catch people staring, LOL. It makes me feel great about my body and makes me laugh.
  • My favorite thing about having big breasts is the way that they look and feel in a bra that fits well. They’re definitely one of my favourite features, and I love being able to look good in lingerie, because it really gives me such a boost in confidence. My breasts are proportional to my body size, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
  • I’ve had big boobs as long as I can remember. The first bra I ever bought when my older sister took me out to the La Senza sale was a 32C. Now I’m a 32G/GG. I’d say there are a lot of things I like about having big boobs. Of course my boyfriend is crazy for them and never forgets to let me know that, but they do great things for me too. When I want to wear a body con dress I get a great silhouette because of my big chest and my even bigger hips, and when I want to do cleavage, I really do cleavage! Even better, I can use my boobs as a shelf to keep things on when I need to do something else with my hands, and I can even hold glasses with them or apply my lipstick if I’m feeling a little daring. All in all, my boobs are great.