Hey, all! Darlene already posted a reason for my absence. After two weeks in the USA and a red eye flight from New York to Helsinki, I’m finally back home. I still wanted to pop by and wish everyone a great midsummer weekend and ask out of curiosity how many celebrate Midsummer and if you do, what are your traditions? We burn bonfires at night on Midsummer’s Eve, and the old tales say that if one rolls around naked on a misty field at dawn, you will then have luck in finding your spouse–there are plenty of marriage luck traditions related to Midsummer.


This year the nightless night celebration will be spent in great summer weather, too. They’re promising 80 degrees.

This great new summer dress will get a lot of wear! I was afraid that this sort of a non-fitted dress would look terrible on my frame, but I actually really like it. It also looks surprisingly smart with a navy blazer. Shoes are my super duper comfy Crocs ballerinas.

big bust great stripes

I hope the summer is treating everyone well!