I found a great bust-friendly blazer at H&M two weeks ago and want to share it. I was specifically looking for a casual navy blue blazer that would match a couple of nautical-inspired dresses and shorts that I already own. So I couldn’t believe it when right away I found this item—it looks vaguely nautical itself and fits beautifully.



I like to wear it unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up. (Apologies for the frowny face. I usually crop out my head in these photos so I never bother smiling, but this time I kept my face in to show off my NEW GLASSES.)

At $50, this jacket was a little more money than I’m usually willing to pay for a “fast-fashion” item, but I’ve been wearing it nonstop in the last two weeks and I’m really pleased by the quality. Though the fabric is polyester, rayon, and spandex, it feels soft like cotton. Even the polyester-spandex lining doesn’t have either the grainy faux-crepe texture or shiny, sweat-inducing feel you usually find with polyester blends.

I also appreciate that there is a strip of grosgrain-like ribbon all along the seam where the lining meets the jacket. It makes it look more finished and strengthens the seam. The sleeves and real pockets are lined in the same white fabric as the body.


As for fit, this thing seems made for busty ladies. Between the deep V neckline, the below-bust button, a secret inner button for added stability, and double princess seams (!), I could not ask for more in a blazer. Those princess seams are even repeated on the back of the jacket for better fit and a little extra feminine flair.


The design choices in this jacket are also quite clever and subtle. I think the slim lapels make it look feminine yet still strong. The basted-stitch detail along the edge of the lapel provides a touch more visual interest. I love the six silver buttons: These are what make it look slightly nautical in my opinion. I’m pretty sure they’re real metal, not painted plastic, and there are three small matching buttons at the wrist (which actually open and close; they’re not just for decoration).

The last two details I’m just crazy about are the real pockets—big enough to fit an iPhone!—and the shoulder pads. I’ve always thought shoulder pads make a woman look like a linebacker, but these ones really balance out the flared waist and don’t look too crazy. Best of all, they help my handbag stay on my narrow, slightly sloping shoulders without me having to yank it back up every five minutes!


I think this blazer runs a little smaller than H&M’s usual sizing. I normally go for a US 6 or 8 in their tops, but this is definitely best in size 10. The 6 looked tiny, and while the 8 fit fine over my bust, the armpits and sleeves were far better one size up.

It’s such a relief to find an off-the-rack garment that truly fits every once in a while. It reminds me that I should keep trying everything and not get discouraged when it comes to shopping. Come to think of it, since this jacket comes in black and navy, maybe I should go back and pick up a black one too…